Food is represented as a fuel that provides us with energy.

Theory behind the hook

This hook makes links to students’ prior knowledge by using an everyday example of how petrol is used to fuel cars. In this way students will be able to relate to the topic being introduced.

How this hook works

Food is represented as a fuel that provides us with energy. The comparison to the real-life scenario of petrol being used as a fuel to power cars is made to demonstrate how food acts as a fuel for humans, providing them with energy. The images are colourful and engaging and will draw in students and focus their attention.

Questions & Answers

  • Food is used to provide energy. What else is food used for?
    For growth and repair
  • What are the different components of food?
    Carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water.
  • Why is it necessary to ensure that we as humans take in the correct types of food?
    To ensure that we get enough energy, to avoid becoming over-weight, to ensure that we take in enough iron to avoid getting anaemia.
  • What do we call a diet that contains all the right constituents/components?
    A balanced diet.
  • What can we use to follow a balanced diet?
    We can use the food pyramid to follow a balanced diet.

Cross Curricular Links

Links can be made to Junior Certificate Home Economics in which food is a central theme. Links can also be made to healthy eating which is covered in S.P.H.E.


Within the topic of food, students will be introduced to energy values of food. Energy values in food are measured in kilojoules per gram (kJ/g). The recommended daily allowance for boys and girls, both active and inactive are provided in teachersxt books. Using samples of everyday food items with labels, teachers can guide students in calculating how much of their daily requirements a serving of each food stuff provides.