The Skeletal System

This hook centres on the idea that the skeleton is the support framework for our body.

How this hook works

This hook begins with a series of images of well known buildings and questioning on their support structure/frame. It is explained that buildings are supported by steel girders. The incorporation of the video clip of the tent serves to explain that a tent consists for a framework and will collapse if the frame is removed. This is analogous to what will happen to the human body if our frame/support structure is removed. The support or frame of the human body is the skeleton. The resource concludes with an image of the human body collapsed and allows students to appreciate the importance of the skeleton as a framework for human body.

Theory behind the hook

This hook makes links to students’ prior knowledge by using an everyday example of a fire burning and questions what is needed to ignite a fire. In this way students will be able to relate to the topic being introduced.

Questions & Answers

  • What is the function of the skeleton system?
    To support our body.
  • Humans are vertebrates. What does this mean?
    Humans have a backbone.
  • List some examples of invertebrates (no backbone)?
    Earthworms, starfish, snails, jelly fish, insects.

Cross Curricular Links

Links can be made to Junior Certificate Home Economics in which the skeletal system is covered in the biology section. Links can also be made to how to maintain healthy bones which is covered in S.P.H.E.


Compare the number of bones in the human body with other animals such as cows, sheep, dogs, cats, hamsters.