The Sensory System

Our sensory system makes us aware of what isĀ happening in and around us. Our sense organsĀ provide us with information.

Theory behind the hook

This hook looks at how we gain an awareness of, and respond to our surroundings through our sense organs especially through hearing. It deals with how we use all of our senses to understand (perceive) information we receive from our environment.

How this hook works

Students will be presented with two sounds and asked to write down what they represent. The two sounds are:

  • Clapping of coconuts together representing a horse cantering.
  • Crumpling of cellophane representing a heavy shower of hail or rain.

They will then be shown a video of the sounds being made in a controlled environment. They will be asked if the videos are not what they expected. This will show them that we use multiple senses to understand information we receive from our surroundings. This will introduce them to the importance of the sensory system.

Questions & Answers

  • Can you name the 5 sense organs and their senses?
    Eyes for sight, ears of hearing, nose for smell, skin for touch, tongue for taste.
  • What does a stimulus cause us to do? Can you give an example?
    Take an action. E.g: move our hand away when we touch something hot.

Cross Curricular Links

Links can be made to Junior Certificate Home Economics and S.P.H.E.


Provide students with a number of scenarios and ask them to determine how many senses are involved in each scenario. E.g. cycling a bike, cooking dinner, studying for a test.